The best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Dr. Balwantray Chauhan

Balwantray Chauhan is Mathers Professor and Research Director of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics and Professor of Medical Neurosciences at Dalhousie University. He received his training in the United Kingdom and also in Vancouver, Canada under Dr. Stephen Drance. His clinical research interests centre on changes in the visual field and optic nerve head in glaucoma. He has devised new methods for detecting glaucoma progression and conducted research leading to their translation to clinical practice. He is Principal Investigator of the Canadian Glaucoma Study, a multi-centre study on the risk factors for the progression of open-angle glaucoma. His basic research interests centre on experimental glaucoma, specifically in the areas of neuron-glia interaction and in vivo structural and functional imaging of retinal ganglion cells.