The best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Dr. Georges Azar

Georges G. Azar, MD, MSc, FEBO is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Holy-Spirit University of Kaslik and a clinical instructor at the Saint-Joseph University, faculty of medicine, Lebanon. Dr Azar accomplished his residency in University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris VI, France, between Rothschild Foundation and Hôpital Bichat. He completed his fellowship in glaucoma at the “Glaucoma Institute” of Saint-Joseph Hospital, Paris, France. He received his European Board of Ophthalmology in 2012 and is currently member of the European Glaucoma Society. His research focuses on clinical trials in glaucoma. He is the author 20 peer-reviewed articles. Currently, Dr Azar is head of the glaucoma department at the Eye & Ear University Hospital, Naccache, Lebanon, and program coordinator at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik faculty of medicine.