The best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

Kids spend time at the computer and get access to the world of modern technology from a very young age. Today, children are constantly surrounded by various gadgets: from TV and PC to tablets and smartphones. Studying at school and home are impossible to imagine without electronic devices. A large flux of blue light in the range of LED radiation emanating from the screen has a negative effect on eyes of kids and teenagers. Large-scale studies demonstrate that additional exposure of blue light to the eyes at a young age can cause degenerative changes in the retina by the age of 30. Special glasses made for working with electronic devices are capable of protecting a child’s eyes from negative effects.

What is blue light, and do you need to block it?

Color spectrum

Imagine light passing through a prism that turns it into the colors of the rainbow. Every color you see is a part of the visible light spectrum, which is defined by wavelengths. Shorter wavelengths (lower numbers in the diagram above) tend to become more harmful as they decrease, that is why many people want to block the most blue and violet light from getting into their eyes. However, eliminating blue light entirely is not a good idea. It is found in all light sources, including sunlight, and is known to increase your focus and mood. The long-term effects on eye health are unclear, but some studies have shown that rat retinal cells die when exposed to extreme levels of blue light.

Is it necessary to use Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light plays an important role in managing the sleep cycle. Daylight, which contains blue light, helps your inner clock know when morning is coming. If you stare at a blue light device for too long at night, your body may think it is still daytime. Specifically, blue light has been found to suppress melatonin about twice as much as green light. This can increase the time you fall asleep from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the day, exposure to blue light helps you stay alert, but in the evening this stimulation may be overkill.

How can you help your kids?

If you are worried about your child’s eyesight and see how his eyes get tired from regular phone and computer usage, pay attention to these recommendations:

  1. Rule 20-20-20. After 20 minutes of using any electronic device, children should look at any object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  2. Arrange the seat so that the eyes are 50 cm from the monitor. The child should look at the screen slightly upside down.
  3. Add a matte filter on the monitor to reduce glare.
  4. Use moisturizing drops when your eyes are dry.
  5. Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Popular Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

The choice of Blue Light Blocking Glasses is tremendous. We selected the most popular models with lots of positive reviews from owners and their parents. There are a wide variety of spectacle lenses on the market with optical coatings that help reduce the effect of blue light on the eyes.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids by Ortorex

Ortorex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The lenses of the Ortorex glasses block up to 35% of blue radiation and up to 100% of ultraviolet waves of sunlight up to 400 nm. The accessory is perfect for working at the computer, at home and at school, as well as while using the phone. Lightweight, durable and heat-resistant polyetherimide is used in the manufacture. The material is ideal for daily wear and provides such a level of comfort that you stop noticing them. When you buy these glasses, you get high quality and maximum eye protection. They also prevent dry eyes and guarantee best UV and blue light blocking.

Blue Light Blocking & Computer Gaming Eyeglasses by Optix 55

Computer Gaming Glasses by Optix 55

This model is suitable for kids who regularly play video games and use other digital devices. It protects your child’s eyes from harmful blue radiation, which can cause eye strain, fatigue and dryness. The silicone frame makes the glasses comfortable and lightweight for extended wear. They are shockproof and bend easily. The set includes a plastic case that protects the glasses from scratches, fingerprints, dust and debris. The manufacturer offers a wide range of models, which will allow you to choose the perfect frame for your child.

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2-Pack by AHXLL

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Axhill

The glasses are for daily use by children and interact with PC, tablet or smartphone. They block harmful blue light, thus reducing eye strain, headaches and protecting the eyes of your kid. The frame of the glasses is made of flexible material specially designed for children, with a silicone nose pad making it very comfortable to wear for a long-time. It can be worn by children from 3 to 9 years old. Stylish glasses are suitable for both boys and girls.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids with Unbreakable Frame by Pro Acme

Blue LIght Blocking Glasses by Pro Acme

This model of glasses comes with a plastic frame and lenses. The lens width is 44 mm. Flexible, soft and durable frames will not fall off even during active movement. Blue light protection blocks more than 99% of the most harmful blue light rays and 99% of UV. The frame lacks the sharp yellow-orange lenses that distort the child’s vision. Lenses block blue light, reduce glare, improve contrast, color perception and lessen eye strain. Your child will love to wear glasses of his favorite color with stylish classic frames. Suitable for children ages 3 to 12.

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses Silicone Flexible Frame by AIEYEZO

Kids Glasses with Flexible Frame by AIEYEZO

These glasses have a flexible silicone frame and anti-blue light lenses. The lens width is 45 mm. The product provides 100% UV400 protection and blocks blue light. Flexible square TPEE frame, soft material, good quality, double-layer lenses, rich colors – the glasses will become a faithful companion for your kids while studying and working at the computer. All accessories and materials are free of lead, BPA and other harmful substances.

Computer Glasses For Kids by Gunnar

Computer Glasses for Kids by Gunnar

The only blue light blocking computer and gaming glasses for kids with Patented Lens. Technology is recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. They improve performance while viewing tablets, smartphones, TV & computers to reduce digital eye strain, fatigue and headaches. Ergonomic design of gaming/computer eyewear with a lightweight frame to give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing. Comes with microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth.

Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids by ALWAYSUV

Computer Blue Light Blocking for Kids by ALWAYSUV

These children’s glasses are the perfect blue light blocker. UV400 lenses are 100% resistant to negative blue light and UVA/UVB rays, eliminating visual fatigue and discomfort from viewing smartphones, tablets, playing games and learning upfront fluorescent lighting with eye protection and glare reduction. The multi-layer, blue coating is much more effective than others and filters out almost all blue light, allowing kids to see clearly and distinctly.

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses 5-Pack by AZUZA

Blue Light Blocking Glasses pack by AZUZA

The manufacturer offers a budget gift set in 5 colors to match any outfit. Designed for boys and girls from 3 to 12. If your kids are constantly playing video games and using smartphones and computers, buy them glasses from the AZUZA brand. They protect your child’s eyes from harmful blue light, which can cause excessive strain, visual fatigue and dryness. Special lenses eliminate glare from PC screens, TVs, tablets or handheld game consoles and allow less light to be emitted. Now children can play games without straining their eyes. The products are soft, stylish, strong and durable. They can be twisted and will not break.


There are many blue light blocking glasses for all ages and styles. In fact, many of these kids’ glasses are regular eyeglass frames that you can order with or without a prescription – just remember to request blue light blocking lenses for them when you purchase. Or, just choose one of the models presented above and protect your child’s eyesight today!