The best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best gaming glasses

Working constantly, for many hours in front of a computer, a person develops fatigue and eye strain. Sometimes eyes water, headaches are not uncommon, insomnia is possible. All of the above gradually but steadily reduce one’s efficiency, damaging the nervous system. This, in turn, can lead to problems in relationships with others, including loved ones, family discord and other similar consequences.

It is not always possible to solve such problems with drugs, especially if you cannot refuse to be behind the monitor. This isn’t just true for gamers. For many, earnings are directly related to how many hours they spend working using an electronic device. One of the best solutions is to purchase gaming glasses. These are useful to fans of computer games as well as anyone else who has to sit in front of a monitor for a long time.

How Gaming Glasses Work

Blue rays are focused not on the fundus (like green and red), but in front of it. The eye muscle has to strain harder, and since the focal length does not change when looking at a monitor, a person working on a computer is forced to be in a state of tension all the time. When eyes are fixed on one object, the frequency of their blinking is approximately halved (from about 12 to 6). This leads to dry and sore eyes. Sleep physiology disturbance to long-term work in front of a monitor is due to the fact that retinal ganglion cells, due to intense blue light, inform the brain there is a well-lit environment and give a command to the body to stay awake no matter what time it is when the person is working on the computer.

Now, about how gaming glasses work. In general terms, they shield from blue rays; as a result, the images on a monitor are shifted to the longer wavelength of the spectrum and the eye muscles experience less stress. By eliminating glare and reducing blur, gaming glasses help in part to minimize the other effects described above. Glare is removed thanks to a special lens coating. Also, gaming glasses weaken the intensity of the light entering the eyes. This also takes some load off the eyes. At first, when using glasses of a specific type, some objects on the screen (for example, characters in games) seem strange in color, but you get used to it very quickly.

From all that has been said, we can conclude that glasses for gamers allow their eyes to become less tired while working or playing on the computer. Thanks to these glasses, you can spend more time in front of a monitor without any negative consequences for your health. True, this will only work when choosing a suitable model from the mentioned products. The most common of them will be discussed below.

Comparison of popular models

Let’s talk about the most famous and high-quality glasses for gamers. These include:

These examples are not representative of the entire market, but they allow a beginner to navigate it and not to get lost and confused by the wide range of products available.

Ortorex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The main advantages are:

  • Blocking 40% blue light in the 430-450 nm range and 100% blue light in the 410 nm range. It is this spectrum of blue rays that has the most detrimental effect on our eyes;
  • Varios models of different colors and designs are on sale. These glasses are suitable for people regardless of their gender, facial features or style, they will look great on anyone. Many people like the beautiful case in which the product is delivered;
  • Lightweight frame. These glasses do not cause any discomfort when worn. You quickly get used to them and stop noticing them;
  • Reliability. Even with intensive use, these glasses do not change their original shape for a long time. Moreover, they do not lose their functionality. The temples of the glasses are connected to the frame by metal hinges. They are easy to put on and take off and don’t break even if you do so very often.
  • Ease to care for. It’s standard. The coating, which reflects blue and ultraviolet rays, does not wear off for a long time;
  • Affordable price. Considering advantages listed above, the price of these glasses is really not that high.

Gunnar Optiks INT-00101

The main advantages are:

  • Possibility to use them to protect your eyes from UV rays. These glasses will weaken the intensity of the light entering your eyes, relieving visual fatigue.
  • Soft, durable, elastic frame. The glasses do not change shape at all and do not slip, always staying in place. The temples fit snugly to your head even if you frequently put on and take off your glasses; the frame is solid and does not loosen up.
  • Excellent design. These glasses will always look stylish in any setting.
  • Restriction of air flow near the eyes. This is achieved using a special lens design. As a result, tearing is prevented and the eyes themselves feel more rested.
  • Slight lens magnification. It allows you to see in more detail everything that is displayed on the screen. More benefits of zoom gaming glasses.


  • Lenses magnification. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The latter is possible if a person has vision problems and is forced to use ordinary glasses correcting them in everyday life. Prescription Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 can be made for them.
  • Price. These glasses really cannot be called cheap, although they are not too expensive eigther.

Micron Computer Glasses

The main advantages are:

  • Slight yellow tint of the images being looked at. In other glasses, it is much more intense. These glasses only reflect 65% blue. However, this is enough to protect your eyes
  • Good anti-reflective coating. It is especially necessary for those who work in an office. These Glasses completely eliminate migraines and other problems associated with glare;
  • Unique tortoiseshell design. The glasses look stylish and somewhat unusual;
  • Rectangular shape. These glasses with it look very modern, highlighting the owner’s taste, when it comes to fashion
  • Ergonomics. Even after several hours of wearing, no discomfort is felt.

Weak points:

  • Weak absorption of blue ray. Many do not mind this, because the glasses serve with their purpose, but there are people who are not at all happy with these glasses’ limited absorption of blue rays
  • Lenses and frames are not round. Some people don’t like these glasses’ rectangular shape or it may not suit them. However, the latter is dictated more by the taste of the buyer. If they are sure that rectangular glasses do not suit them, then putting them on, they will feel, and therefore look, uncomfortable.

Swanwick Classic Day Swannies

The main benefits of this model:

  • Universal application. These glasses are not designed to be used when working/playing on a computer only;
  • Trendy look. The frame can be made in three colors: black, tortoiseshell and two-tone. No matter which color you choose, your glasses look stylish when worn both in the office and in other settings;
  • Three sizes. Small, medium and large. Suitable for your head, whatever its shape might be;
  • Frame made of environmentally-friendly hypoallergenic plastic. For people prone to allergic reactions, the latter is extremely important;
  • High reliability. Subject to the rules of wear and tear, these glasses can serve their purpose for a very long time, while almost not losing their presentation;
  • Acceptable cost. People can afford to buy the glasses mentioned even with incomes not exceeding the average;
  • Lack of magnification and other additional functions, without which it is quite possible to do.

Drawback: Failure to block as much blue light as other glasses of a similar type can. The lenses of these glasses do not allow to get into the eyes only the most dangerous range, from which there are most side negative effects and problems.

Altec Vision – Inexpensive & Relieves Eye Strain

The main advantages of the model over others:

  • The ability to transmit about 90% of visible light. Thanks to this, the person using them does not lose the ability to see bright colors, which allows you to fully focus on the gameplay, without being distracted by the feeling of incorrect color rendition;
  • The appearance is similar to that of ordinary glasses. This makes it possible to wear the aforementioned glasses outdoor, not stand out from passers-by;
  • Satisfactory anti-reflective coating. You can play or work safely even with a weak glare protection;
  • Good price-quality ratio. These glasses are cheaper than many other similar models, but quality-wise they are in no way inferior to them.


  • Fragility. To prevent these glasses from breaking, they should be worn with extreme caution;
  • The complexity of leaving. It is related to the disadvantage indicated above. It is very easy to break these glasses if you press too hard or accidentally drop them;
  • Ordinary look. If you want to stand out from the crowd and, show your uniqueness, you’d better look for another model.


Glasses for gamers allow you to quickly get rid of many vision problems that arise when working or playing on a computer for a long time. The main thing is to choose the right ones. Weigh all the pros and cons of the models described above and choose the best glasses for you.

Remember, even though price matters, it cannot be decisive when choosing your glasses. The main thing is whether they will help your sight or create new problems (feeling of constant discomfort when wearing them, allergies, etc.).

Before buying your new pair of glasses, we recommend that you check your eyesight with an ophthalmologist and listen carefully to their recommendations – only then you should proceed with your purchase.