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Cyxus Blue Light Glasses Review

Glasses for visual fatigue

Phone or computer screens affect your eyesight. To reduce the impact of light rays from screens, you can opt for computer glasses, or rest glasses, to limit your visual discomfort. To work effectively in front of a computer screen, your visual comfort is essential. Indeed, eye fatigue can cause bothersome ailments, and a drop in your attention:

Cyxus computer eyewear features

To work effectively in front of a computer screen, your visual comfort is essential. If you are between 20 and 40 years old, and apart from an uncorrected visual disturbance, Cyxus blue light glasses can provide you with some additional comfort in the face of these symptoms:

Computer glasses by Cyxus are suitable for a screen reading distance of approximately 55 to 65 cm. If your TV is close, i.e. within 5 meters, they can also provide you with additional comfort. Rest glasses can also be useful for computer work if you wear corrective lenses and are prone to dry eye syndrome.

How to wear your Cyxus blue light glasses

Cyxus blue light glasses are not worn continuously. You only need it when you are in front of a screen, to limit attacks from screen brightness. The anti-reflective treatments will provide you with optimal comfort, by limiting attacks due to the brightness of the screens. No more dazzling sensations, headaches or eye irritation!

To avoid eye fatigue, it is advisable to follow a few ergonomic tips. First, make sure you have enough light in the room where your screens are located. In front of a screen, dim lighting is preferable. Sometimes it is necessary to organize your living space. You have to play on the location and, depending on the lighting, in order to avoid stray reflections. A screen perpendicular to the windows will reflect less glare.

A computer is a light source that can be annoying if the eye is staring at it for too long. When working for a long time at a computer, it is therefore recommended to take a break from time to time, for example 5 or 10 minutes per hour. You can also alternate indoor and outdoor activities. Also remember to blink your eyes regularly to hydrate them.

Also, don’t forget to lift your eyes from your screen and gaze far ahead for a few moments to rest your eyes. If, despite all these precautions, your eyes still irritate you in front of the screen, do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist. The latter will be able to detect a visual disturbance, and / or prescribe you glasses with more advanced technologies.

Purchasing your first pair of Cyxus glasses

To buy your perfect pair of e-protection Cyxus eyeglasses you only need to log on to the official website and start exploring your options. While strolling on the Cyxus site, you will discover a vast choice of styles, shapes and colors, whether in terms of frames or lenses. Full rim, half-rim or no-rim frames in metal or plastic can be equipped with patented digital protection layer that prevents the blue light of the screens in your life from damaging your eyesight. The colors range from the classical shades to colors that truly pop.

An added convenience is provided by the virtual fitting studio and categorization of eyeglasses by face shape. This takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation, suggesting the shapes of eyewear that will look flattering on your face.

You can get most of the pairs for under $20,00, and delivered them to your home within a few business days.

About the brand

Cyxus is a company specializing in functional optician ware: computer glasses, gamer glasses, polarized sunglasses and glasses for reading can be found on the company’s website. The pricing policy of the company makes Cyxus eyewear essentially affordable without compromising on the quality of frames or the attractiveness of their styles.