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Diff Blue Light Glasses Review

Today I will try to answer your questions about a product that has been quite trendy in recent years: Diff blue light (anti-fatigue) glasses. Commercial logic or a real solution to digital eye problems, glasses for computer screens are often debated, whether in the scientific community or among users.

One thing is certain: eye strain is a reality for those who work on computers as well as for gamers. And we won’t tell you otherwise. Dry, itchy eyes, blurry vision, stiff necks and headaches are all familiar to everyone who spends hours staring at all sorts of screens.

This is why we tested Diff blue light glasses to bring you an unbiased opinion on the matter. And so as not to make you wait any longer, let’s remove the doubt on the question everyone is asking:

Anti-fatigue screen glasses, do they work?

The answer is yes. Despite everything that we have read contradictory, it is clear that we have all clearly noticed a difference before and after wearing glasses. Among all the pairs tested, we have selected Diff computer eyewear that stood out – we detail the features of the glasses below. The pair that won our vote is a mid-range model from Diff, one of the most reputable manufacturers of computer glasses.

Diff blue light features

Diff computer glasses are great for reducing glare to protect your eyes from irritation and dryness. They are particularly popular in the gaming world where you don’t count the hours spent in front of the screen. These protective glasses not only have a magnifying function, but also filter blue light much better than clear models. Since the light from video games is generally more aggressive to the eye, due to the amount of images and the often exaggerated colors, a darker shade seems to have a better effect on our eyes (and our brain). In fact, by removing the blue light from games, you will have a better view of the contrasts, the colors will stand out more and the details will be more easily noticeable.

Diff blue light blocking glasses emphasize improving the quality of sleep with its orange glasses. And quite honestly, it works. We tested them for a month and after 3-4 days of use noticed that it seemed easier to fall asleep.

From a manufacturing perspective, these anti-fatigue computer glasses are made with acetate frames, a plastic derived from cotton fibers and wood pulp, renewable and environmentally friendly. The hinges are spring loaded and the lenses are made of CR-39 plastic, a thermoset polymer created for the design of ophthalmic lenses. They have anti-reflective and anti-glare treatment on both sides. Overall, Diff computer glasses are very light and look pretty solid.

Diff computer eyewear styles

This is where we were truly impressed. True, many manufacturers offer to add a layer of blue-light protective filter to any model they have in stock, but Diff took it one notch up and created an entire collection dedicated to (fashionable!) protection of your eye from the notorious digital fatigue. Available in models for men and women, these glasses rock the opticians? world with bold frames that make a statement. You will find models in low-key chic next to funky styles and colors.

Buying Diff computer glasses

Diff is a young company with a strong focus on optical innovation combined with trendy solutions for eyewear. The optician is based in the U.S. The official website of the company offers around 250 models of blue light glasses that ship worldwide.

The company’s eyewear is on the pricey side – $85 apiece, but you will agree that the combination of functionality and breathtaking fanciness with which those frames are created are worth their salt. Besides, let us not forget that Diff donates reading glasses to the populations in need of extra care, proving itself as a charitable company with strong social awareness. So why not invest in senior care charity programs all while clicking home a pair of truly sophisticated computer glasses?