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MVMT Blue Light Glasses Review

On computer vision and blue light

If you have no vision defects, you may never have heard of “blue light”. If, on the other hand, you have recently gone to the optician to have your eyeglasses made, the “anti blue light” treatment is probably one of those that have been proposed for the new lenses. It is a trend that has taken on a wing a lot in recent years, given the space and time that monitors take up in out lives: what with all this screen time spent at the computer, smartphones and devices with bright screens in general. So much so that, even for those who see well, there are non-correction glasses on the market made especially to protect the eyes from blue light: they are the so-called “computer glasses” or “anti-fatigue glasses”.

Light is that part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye, with wavelengths between 380 and 780 nanometers. Depending on the wavelength, it has different colors, lower for violet and blue, higher for yellow and red, and vice versa if we consider the frequency: greater frequency corresponds to greater energy. Blue light has a wavelength ranging from 400 to 495 nanometers and together with violet it is the closest (as you can guess) to ultraviolet, from which we protect ourselves with sunscreen and sunglasses. In addition to the sun – from which light of all frequencies comes to us, it appears white for that – blue light is emitted by LED lamps and electronic screens.

MVMT blue light glasses are a direct response to the “computer vision” fatigue, eye dryness, irritation, and other symptoms experienced by people who spend lots of time in front of their screens. This MVMT glasses review will help you to form an idea about their pros and cons, as well as when to use them and who will benefit from their use.

MVMT blue light glasses: not only for the eye health

MVMT Blue Light Glasses

Does the blue light of the screens affect health in other ways? The short answer is yes: in some people it can have negative effects on sleep quality. Light is an important synchronizer of circadian rhythms, that is, all those physiological changes (hormonal, thermal, sleep-wakefulness) that mark the passing of the days in our body. In our eyes there are specialized cells that deal with interpreting the light and sending signals to our brain to tell it what to do. For example, when we are exposed to sunlight, the brain is instructed to stop the production of melatonin, which induces drowsiness, and instead stimulate the production of cortisol, which wakes us up. And when the sun goes down the opposite should happen.

For this reason, the habit of watching TV, being in front of the computer or using smartphones, tablets and e-readers before going to bed could confuse our body and make it believe that it is still day and not yet time to sleep. This can cause difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or a disturbed and restless sleep, all of which have effects on health in general, as several studies have shown. To this end, the use of MVMT blue light glasses will result in multiple health benefits on several levels: improving the circadian rhythm, balancing hormones, metabolism, and eliminate the fatigue.

For those suffering from sleep disorders, therefore, shielding yourself from blue light in the evening hours, before going to bed (in addition, of course, to consult your doctor) can bring positive results. You can do it with anti-blue light glasses from MVMT; in the meantime, set the “night” brightness, if the devices you use have it, or totally abstain from electronic devices and dedicating yourself to other things, when you can.

About MVMT sunglasses

MVMT (the full brand name MVMT Watches) is an American-based company specializing in high-end looking but still affordable accessories. The company is relatively young, its history going back to as recently as 2013, but it has won global recognition and the presence on the global market.

MVMT takes blue light filtering to the new level with its computer glasses, promising UV420 protection alongside with blocking the blue light rays. The glasses are available in the company?s iconic frames from Everscroll styles, all retailing under $90,00. There is a possibility of ordering the blue light blocking glasses in your favorite model, but some legwork will admittedly be involved.