The best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Zenni Blue Light Glasses Review

Why wear computer glasses?

Computer glasses help your eyes rest and let you get back to work in the best possible way. Do you notice that you can see less well when you look at a map? Or maybe you have difficulty watching TV or standing in front of a computer screen for a long time? Then indoor or computer glasses are ideal for you. Zenni Opticals computer glasses with blue light protection offer the right correction to see and read with clarity while allowing your eyes to rest.

Tired, itchy or irritated eyes, headaches? Are you all familiar with this? Computer glasses can considerably reduce these inconveniences. Indeed these glasses allow your eyes to rest, because they are adapted to your reading distance. There are three types of indoor or computer glasses to choose from: glasses that correct from 40 cm to 100 cm, glasses that correct from 40 cm to 200 cm, and a version that corrects from 40 cm to 400 cm. The glasses therefore allow you to see well from a distance of 1, 2 m or 4 m without having to change glasses.

We spend about 6 hours a day in front of screens: television, computer, tablet, telephone are an integral part of our daily life, from sunrise to sunset. If you are experiencing eyestrain, migraines, or difficulty falling asleep, then it is time to protect your eyes from blue light!

Zenni blue light glasses overview

Zenni Optical is a fast-paced young company based in San Francisco Bay Area. The message on the company’s official company makes us believe in affordable fashion statements & the choice of eyeglasses is truly impressive. Prescription glasses, sunglasses with prescription and non-prescription lenses, sports eyewear, and of course, computer glasses with anti-blue light feature are all available here.

Zenni blue light protection glasses collection is made up of trendy frames with non-corrected lenses treated against blue and which filter the harmful rays of the light emitted by the screens. These glasses give you headache relief, reduce eye strain and dry eyes, or the tingling sensation you feel after a day of working at the computer. They also make it easier for you to fall asleep at night when you watch your favorite series before bed.

These anti-blue light lenses are without correction, they are completely compatible with your prescription lenses. You can wear an uncorrected blue light shield over your prescription lenses without any problem. Zenni Optical team is made up of qualified opticians and all our models are adaptable to eyesight.

Zenni computer glasses styles

Zenni blue light glasses feature patented Blokz lenses with a filter that blocks 40% of blue light. You can apply this option to all glasses at Zenni website, whether they are with or without correction, at additional $16.95. The frames come in all descriptions, materials and forms. Extremely diverse in shapes and colors, they offer the possibility to pick a style that perfectly fits your face, taste and occasions you plan to wear them on.

Computer eyewear for gamers

The highly acclaimed feature of Zenni protective eyewear is the clarity of the lenses, which makes them perfect for gamers. The glasses have zero color distortion and allows reduce the strain on the eyes without taking away anything from the gaming experience.

Choosing your perfect pair of Zenni blue light glasses

Zenni Optical offers all computer glasses at a reduced price of excellent quality, whether or not you are entitled to compensation. You will find computer glasses at their online store or in our stores. The in-house opticians will also be happy to help you find the right computer glasses. There is a virtual fitting function embedded on the website that allows you to upload photo and see how you look with as many pairs of eyeglasses as you feel like trying on. For prescription glasses, you obviously will require prescription ready at hand, but you can also order non-prescription computer glasses whose only function is to protect your eyes from blue light.